Continuing with my concept: simple, natural and elegant is also the new i-D Spring 2014 issue, covering my favorite model, Daria Werbowy and photographed by always great Karim Sadli. Is there anything better? Do we need anything more? Sure, mind the message from the cover > Come as you are < means to me: 

> Don´t pretend, just be yourself...always <

...for most of people it´s the hardest thing; but if you think, it´s harder to pretend to be someone else the whole time, than just be who you really are. Don´t you think? And I met lots of them - pretenders...people with no personality, willing to squeeze your persona, just because you think differently or look differently or act differently or... be different, be you and never turn your´s back on your persona.

p.s.: only now I saw this...two i-D posts in a row :P

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  1. Love and totally agree with your message!
    Sadly it´s also true that many people still pretend, act, instead of just be.