The big apple bi annual fashion event is IN his 5th power gear already, but I hope with a less winter-cold-snow vortex and more design-inspiring moments. There are three things that were in common till now for major designers that already presented their collection: layering, playing with textures and cocoon-ish shape for outwears. A tunic under the sleeveless top under the vest under the coat. Something like that. An onion-dressing effect we could say. Nothing new, but winter by winter this is more important and present in fashion due the global climate changes. You never know what to expect from the winter weather day by day: from abnormal warm day to a very cold-freezing one, to the snow, rain, wind...a result? You wear almost 3 and more top wear garments to "survive". It´s comfortable, but sometimes I feel like I am like a walking closet :)  But maybe I just feel that way ;)

Below you can see my favorite picks from the first part of the NY fashion week…if there will be a collection that I will like almost 75% I will made a full post of that. My new rule for less massy and stress fashion week’s days. 
Let´s start…

multi-layered looks +lots of elegant and intelligent outerwear 
+ the powder blue coat with shawl collar and unfinished seams (best piece)
Flat shoes created in collaboration with LD Tuttle

+ boxy cuts
foldover-sleeve coat (best piece of the collection)
+ silver cap-toed ankle boots (nice shoes)

+ debut designs for womenswear
+ gender mix
+ men jackets
+ layering

+ not into season pieces
+ fragments of Middle East (turkish carpet, Byzantine tapestries)

tech nylon and silvery gray faux fur
+ oversize bomber (best piece)

+ cool basics with a twist
+ cocoon-ish varisty jacket (my favorite piece)
+ heavy twill, soft leather and some luxury furs

+ inspired by Jean Gaumy's book Men at Sea
+ urban warior style (brand´s trademark)
+ denim garments
Honeywell boots (good for winter snow and rain)

+ earth-kind brand
 sheer materials with a plastic sheen, quilted cotton and felted wool
+ white in winter

+ inspired by Seattle´s grunge with an add of MacGraw femininity
+ patchwork-rabbit fur coat

quilting and cozy textures
+ layering
+ great colors+patterns combinations
+ loads of great, cozy and dailywear pieces
+ best collection from my first part 

+ main role got the textures
+ leather pieces in collaboration with Andrew Marc (best pieces)
- lots of going on (messy feeling)

idea of sexual subjectivity was the main inspiration of the designer
+ slouchy and draped

menswear-inspired tailoring
+ nice layering
+ men´s shirting

+ adorable oversize blanket coats
+ polished


  1. Dion Lee and Rachel Comey > my favorite!

  2. all of these collections are gorgeous and inspirational ~ fun read thank you

  3. I absolutely love this post. The collections in this post are truly amazing. They've done an incredible job once again.