Alexander Wang got “the balls” to took the fashion word to Brooklyn, exactly in the industrial part of it; the Navy Yard hanger space called Duggal Greenhouse. There were lots of complaints before the show (you can read that in many articles on the internet), because of the location. The “problem” was not that most of the fashion people are too spoiled, due the fact that generally all fashion events are on the island of Manhattan. The problem was in the extreme weather that night. A good pre-show feeling of the collection actually, because the collection itself was all about “Extreme conditions and survival”. Mind the mix Nation Geographic, outdoors, the urban landscape and the competitive, extreme sports to get a picture that. The base or we can call them “blank canvas” of the whole collection were rigorously made tunics layered with pointed shirts; a base that Wang built throughout the whole show. At the start he added to them “survival” pockets, designed to “contain” house notebooks (“Moleskine”), lighters, smartphones and lipstick (of course). Then he continued by adding some colors with suiting pullovers, leather shirt-collar dickeys, paisley silk foulards, fluorescent jersey made of woven shoelaces, leather coats and tunics with raw edge. The survival ornaments were the utility bag with detachable parts that got the same function as the “survival” vest of the beginning and two different models of boots; one over the knee and one shin pad like. The finale got a show stopping effect; the lights turned off and a dozen models took their places around the edge of the runway. Thanks to the heat-sensitive fabric the all black outfits that those models wore, turned into colors - blue, purple and green.

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/ Photos and video courtesy of Alexander Wang /


  1. Great collection! Love it.

  2. wow, amazing collection!

  3. Beautifuuul! It’s so fresh!!