I still do not know if his menswear collection is the reflection and inspiration from his womenswear or vice-versa, he knows always what the Ackermann man looks like and he translate it on womenswear (with which he actually started)? Ok, never mind. I simply know that I totally adore his vision, especially for menswear.

His men for the F/W 2014/2015 is an upgrade, a step forward of what we saw for S/S 2014. This time more sober with opulent fabrics, but still rich and textural.  A man of the 19th century literary society, dressed in inimitable Ackermann´s layered style; elongated overcoats, slouchy pants, a stripped cardigan and coat, velvet jackets, camel blouson, fur-lined parka and wrapped scarves to complete all (very well studied) ensembles.  Looks hardly to copy with your home-what-I-have stuff. This is an Ackermann trick, but also maybe his weak point; need to have all Ackermann stuff, to get an Ackermann look?

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/ Photos courtesy of Haider Ackermann /

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  1. Omg, things to steal/borrow from you bf closet :P