“Stories of growing up, memories of children´s dreams, returning to former values, searching of the perfection, a new set of dreams, about longing,…” this is how Zoran Garevski described his S/S 2014 presented yesterday during Fashion Week in Ljubljana. Clean lines, with nice and interesting cuts, especially on the back (details on jackets, like a triangle cut for example) and a big accent on the pleating, from white shirts, black sleeveless tunic, to a dress and a detail on the back side of the shorts. In total twelve looks, presented in alternation of a female and a male model, six looks for each gender started in a vivid and passionate red, continued with a pure and innocent white to end with an elegant and eternal black. To give some accent to the collection were fur evening bags, fur belt and the fur details on women´s shoes.

Garevski surprises me always…the design is always fresh, clean, elegant perfectly made and yes, today is very difficult to find this and consequently to say it…What? He is timeless.

/ Photos and video courtesy of Primož Predalič and Elle Slovenija /

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