DUŠAN S/S 2014

One of my favorite brands ever!

perfect cuts and materials....

These are characteristics that all my favorite brands have. I simply admire that Dušan Paunovic (the designer behind this marvelous label, founded in 1999) does not follow any trend and that he do not like to make any publicity using celebrities. No marketing strategy for him. He has his own aesthetic, based on comfort, great cuts, with a Japanese influence. He once said:"Like the clothes, nothing is loud, everything is super understated. Everything is super quiet.  I prefer, you know, a lot of very elegant, very chic, very understated people who are not celebrities. Like my usual clientele is an art gallerist or decorators or designers or architects. But always independent women. Which I also like very much. That is very important — when a woman is buying clothing for herself."

When you Love Dušan aesthetic, design...you can never get disappointed. Contrarely, you are every season more and more fascinated; like for the S/S 2014, a nice range of wide pants and shorts, long tunic tops, oversized man jackets. A great synergy of androgynies and feminine.

/ Photos courtesy of Dušan /

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