In the notes that accompany the parade, Simone Rocha quotes, the best source of inspiration for the Spring 2013 collection, a set of photos of Ed Templeton showing awkward teenagers kissing in various poses and situations. As a result, the collection is filled with a sense of purity and the rebellious spirit of the typical teenager and made ​​his debut with clothes in virginal white broderie anglaise that reach the knee, followed by white tweed dress petticoat that show glimpses of the leg through openings of transparent tissue, the all combined with a messy hair that looks like a fun afternoon spent on the grass balanced by bands hair style halo, very angelic. The collared shirt, similar to that of a school uniform, it goes crocheted vest, pencil skirts and cleavage or brogue style shoes, trademark style Rocha.The words "I wanna be your doll" (I wanna be your doll) of the song that was the soundtrack to the parade did nothing but add an extra touch of innocence to look calm.With the progress of the parade, white palette is broken by inserts of bright neon colors declined in lime and pink version of the proposed lace dresses with daisy prints and oversize jackets paired with skirts coordinated trapeze made ​​of plastic. Delicate details such as draping that depart from the body, ruffles surprise that decorate the edge of tweed jackets or sheer fabrics that reveal her breasts have held high attention from the public and are evidence of the young age of the stylist but also the that its future promises very well. 10

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