Prism mirror hanging from the ceiling reflect light and vibrate to the sound of music on the runway of the Spring 2013 signed Cédric Charlier. Opens the parade a series of clothing that prefers a neutral palette that mixes delicate white, beige and black and is enhanced by overlapping drapery, asymmetric cuts and Tights transparent combined with sandals with a double list. Then, suddenly, the collection is filled with light, lit by glowing orange-colored clothes with a lot of deep cracks, V-necks and petticoat dress featuring digital prints that mix orange, turquoise, blue and white. The red stripe on his face as a warrior of the models gives a clue as to what has inspired the collection: some reasons resemble a digital version of tribal prints or it could be a representation, illuminated by the light of the sun, of cave paintings. The silhouette is approached as shown by the pencil skirts or dresses straight revived in some look by draping of fabric that fall from the waist up, cut-out on the back or ripples that open on the sides. The pant from soft and relaxed is combined with a matching top though, typical of all the looks, is the mix of sensual femininity and sophistication absolute. 7

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