If you go to a fashion show in Paris, you will nearly always notice a woman in head-to-toe black, whose personal style alone sets her apart from the glitzy crowd. Her name is Diane Pernet. As the writer and founder of A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival, Diane displays a signature passion for the things she loves most in life: good movies and real fashion. Diane created the festival years ago when the very first fashion videos were made, before they became the "it" thing. “We need new ideas for fashion and the way to show it," Diane says. "We have seen catwalks for years. It’s time to be more creative.” Diane surrounds herself with myriad creative personalities, and one of them is fashion designer Bruno Pieters. The former Hugo Boss designer is not only one of the most handsome, peaceful, and centered people in fashion, but also a man of consciousness, integrity, and magic.
Find out more about Diane HERE and Bruno Pieters news project Honest By HERE.
Directed by Jason Last / Filming & Editing: Jason Last / Production: Katharina Kowalewski / Music: Bunnystripes

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