Ashish for Topshop

By Chloe Rahall

With our Sports issue only just gone live, it is no surprise that I have sportswear on the mind. And the new collection by Ashish for Topshop, his fourth for the brand, carries on the relaxed tracksuit trend that was present on so many of the season’s catwalks. A quick glance through the main pieces confirms that his signature hard-edged glamour is not compromised by the softness of the jersey, and he adorns the rolled up casual pieces with 3cm metal spikes and studs.

You can really see the influence of his mainline range here, and the studded shoulders and punk influence is carried through both collections. These pieces will hit the stores in less than a month (February 4th) and I’m already trying to decide which are the most essential. It almost feels wrong to be so enamoured with a tracksuit, as it’s not often I find myself lusting after something so practical, and normally the thought of something so comfortable has me yawning instantly.

But with spiked legs and a waist flaunting cropped jumper (long sleeves AND stomach exposing, definitely impractical enough for me), I think I can justify a couple of pieces, judging by the popularity of his previous collaborations, I may have to get in line.

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