Acne S/S 2010 Collection man / Lookbook

"Everything shimmers in the sun;
I am dizzied, numbed, stunned.
People say: 'I can't believe my eyes.' Me, I always believe my eyes...
I look at the sea, the reflection on the horizon, the red rocks, everything...!
In Paris, everything was grey; here, it's the opposite of grey."
Henri Lartigue 1921

For SS09, The Acne man steps down the gangway into a warm, sundrenched India and picks up pieces for his wardrobe such as baggy holiday pants, ethnic inspired waistcoats and t-shirts, adding colourful long shirts to complete his leisurely look. Throwing his finds into an already stuffed duffel bag, full with an eclectic mix of classic men's garments, tailoring and military inspired attrie. Diana Vreeland, famously said: "Pink is the navy blue of India." And indeed, colours such as bright fuchsia and vibrant yellow have found their way onto our palette. We discovered putty colours and different shades of green worked very well. Green made us stumble upon fantastic military garments and so military became another central theme in the collection. We wanted to build an easy wardrobe, based on our version of men's classics such as trenchcoats, biker jackets, evening shirts and elegant blazers. The SS10 collection is a mix of everyday garments and more refined pieces like tailoring and fine knitwear. Something that we think makes it truly Acne. Proportion play is a also central aspect to the look. The blazers are longer, jeans skinner, shirts and coats bigger. This is a young, strong, happy collection. So smile!

"For Me SS10 is all about contrast, something draped and fluid juxtaposing against something tailored you always have as something in your wardrobe. It is about something you found inspiring on vacation, something feminine against something masculine - I think men are ready for that."

Jonny Johansson inspiration Men's SS10

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