The T-Shirt Issue

Text by Luke Raymond

I've already faced my demons and admitted an addiction to fair isle knits and its time to confess that this obsession has extended to grey jersey. I thought that I had - due to my relentless and fruitless search for the holy grail of grey sweatshirts - exhausted such an affliction but, cue The T-Shirt Issue and I'm off the wagon.

A collaboration between Linda Kostowski and Mashallah Design, the T-Shirt Issue pushes grey jersey into a new realm. The architectural, almost origami-like pieces derive from digital scans of the designers' bodies - the resolution of which defines the resultant number of polygons - and also the designer's own biographical memories.

The unexpected marriage of hard science and memory is echoed in the pieces themselves. The pieces are at once stiff and fluid and a fabric - in my mind associated with lounging, jogging bottoms and sweatshirts - is transformed into sculpture. If only I could get my hands on that wolf.

Grey Jersey Obsession

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