The Cool of Yoolhee Ko

This Korean Antwerp-based jewellery designer is making necks heavy with her spectacular perspex pieces.

Text by Lucy Moreno Photography by Zeb Daemen

A new generation of Korean designers is rising, bringing skilled manufacturers combined with the futuristic side of Asia. Yoolhee Ko might be fresh in terms of jewellery design, but she is already making waves back in Korea.

Where are you from?

Yoolhee Ko: South Korea, I’m Korean.

How old are you?

Yoolhee Ko: 32

Where do you live?
Yoolhee Ko: In Antwerp.

Why mens jewels?
Yoolhee Ko: I wanted to create fun, powerful and spectacular jewellery.

What's the concept behind your collection?
Yoolhee Ko: When we see things, we reflect on what has been learnt and experienced in the past. Therefore, I’m telling the story of what a prism could represent by its diversity and beauty. Then it linked back to an image of Star Trek that had been done ages ago. It still provides us with fresh, undead and eye throwing visuals.
We’re all in the 21st century where we are full of technological developments, however, we still need to be settled with comfort and we are still alive by beautiful memories. I am seeing ‘My universe’ by perceiving what I have experienced and went through in the past. And I gather all these idea into prism so it reflects a new image to me. So what I see and you see is a whole different new world.

Why have you choose plastic to make your jewellery?
Yoolhee Ko: Because of my concept. I would like to transfer colour to my jewels and my jewels are quite big so I have to use more light weight materials… I chose plastic. Prisms have their transparency and sheerness, but at the same time when it sparkles by reflecting light, there are chromatic colours. It took me back to the visuals that are dreamy and full of fantasy.

Who is your favorite designer?
Yoolhee Ko: Too many, everyone is so different and it's hard to tell. I could say Margiela for fashion, and for jewellery Karl Fritsch.

What is the plan for the future?
Yoolhee Ko: I am planning to collaborate with fashion designers. And I want to develop some more designs from the past collection and probably in autumn, you would be able to purchase it in a few online shops and multi brand shops.

How you became interested in jewellery?
Yoolhee Ko: I used to enjoy dressing myself up with black clothes, however this one tiny vivid piece of jewellery changes the style of it. Then eventually, I came up with idea that jewellery may be the full stop of fashion.

What makes you happy?
Yoolhee Ko: Friends, savoury dishes, dance, great weather and taking naps with my puppy.

Why do you think Korea is becoming a hot spot for fashion?

Yoolhee Ko: I have this belief that Koreans are pretty into web media and this brought us to explore what is going on in the current fashion industry.

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