No Complaints

Text by Emma Drinnan

Most people complain about the shear amount of adverts featured in magazines, weighing down the content. I, however like to read magazines front to back and that means spending a good half an hour pouring over the 30 pages of high end adverts. For me they are like short fashion editorials and I just want to know more.

Diving into a magazine yesterday I was stopped in my tracks to study the Dolce and Gabbana campaign, I know its not that new but seeing it finally printed before me on really glossy paper was just what I needed to pick me up on a dreary day. Over sized accessories, fur coats, animal print and bright lips are a deadly combination especially when set in what looks like a Las Vegas casino.

Oh and thank you also to the D&G mens swimwear adverts and placing them at tube stops near me- I just love those Italian boys.

The Power of The Image

The Power of The Image

The Power of The Image

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