DIY jackets

Text by Luke Raymond

Whilst sifting through images of the recent menswear shows, I was struck by a trend...epiphany and perhaps more importantly, a simple and not too strenuous DIY as many designers re-interpreted the blazer. Arms were removed, either completely as at Hugo by Hugo Boss or just above the elbow at Junn J.

Streetstyle pioneers of the trend can be traced as far back as February when Facehunter captured the chap who paired his with chunky knitwear for a more winter appropriate interpretation, and I’m not sure whether the bottom left hand image, from Sam.L on lookbook, consists of a shorter sleeve, yet the illusion it presents is equally as successful.

As for DIY, I’m going to be taking a scissors to some tired old blazers and revitalising them appropriately, perhaps one at the elbow and removing the sleeves off another completely. If that’s perhaps too drastic a move, there’s always the option of pushing up your blazer sleeve and layering once or even twice underneath, much like Giuliano Fujiwara’s spring/summer 09 lookbook, to give a similar illusion.

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