Seisei (planet growth)
artist Fujikasa Satoko 
Heisei era (1989-2019), 2013 
material white glazed sandstone 
measurements height 71 cm x wide 64 cm x depth 49 cm

This captivating sculpture is created from clay sourced from Hagi, a town with a long history of producing tea ceremony utensils since the 17th century. It is part of a collection of ten pieces, featuring fluid shapes crafted from models based on preliminary drawings. 

The artist utilized a highly malleable material, allowing for varying thicknesses in the ceramics, with the forms becoming extremely thin as they extend upwards. Fujikasa Satoko aims to capture the essence of *ki*, or life energy, in these creations, likening it to the power of a flying dragon. She exclusively uses unglazed white clay, believing it allows her works to seamlessly integrate into their exhibition environments.

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