If you ever thought to get an easy, specific, one-thing collection at Prada, you were wrong or you never really got Miuccia´s aesthetic, yeah that famous "the beauty of ugly." In this this occasion the focus is on leisurewear/sportswear. Sounds easy, too easy for this Milanese brand, and you are right, because Miuccia this time sees his man (and woman, as it is a part of the show too, showcasing traditionally a pre-collection) sharing the wardrobe with a traveller, parachutist, explorer and even a cowboy. Utilitarian style goes hand-by-hand with active-wear, a galore of layered wardrobe made mostly by technical fabrics, shoes included. Not to mention the accessories of the season, at least for Prada, the return on the spotlight of the brand´s nylon backpack, originally invented by dame Prada in the 1990´s, the one that among other Prada nylon-accessories started to make a fortune to the brand. 

/ original photos and video courtesy of prada, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd-evans /

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