90´S FIT

Jeans are one of those fashion staples that are present in every person’s wardrobe (do you remember our "D Week"?), fashion-lover and non, for most men´s favourite pants to wear in almost every occasion, as though any other option it doesn´t exist. But how you can blame us, if these cotton-made garment is (most of them are) so comfortable and easy to mix-match from day to night looks, becoming to us like a second skin. I must admit that last few years I´ve change a bit this habit by reaching for other pant-options, and believe me guys, they are plenty of them, but once in a while it is a pure pleasure to slip in one of those 90´s-shaped jeans, comfortable, a bit loose, with a bit higher rise, working as a booty-accentuater, like this from Helmut Lang. It´s not a case that many women opt for men jeans too, afterall this is one of the first unisex garments.

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