When there´s a time, as it is lately, that big fashion houses and designer names are influenced by the new ones in as much as to literally "borrow" their ideas and propose them on their catwalk, when even the street-style, in last few seasons become a sort of pea-cocking one, is under that massive influence instead to make an own, personal and individual (mind that word people!) fashion statement, well, I fastly become hungry of London and its fashion week. Well, to be frank, when the hunger is about pure talent, there are only shows limited to fashion schools that can feed me, and CSM is definitely THE ONE! Friday 17th was marked by the fashion presentation at the talent-mecca, the one that press, head-hunters, press, buyers, stylists, photographers, educators and every fashion student in the world looks to. 16 out of 30 from the MA class 2017 were picked to showcase their skills and at the end there were two winners of the Creative Award presented with L’Oréal. But which are criteria that fulfil our expectations? Which are the factors that showcase in an evident way who is better than other? What makes that designer better? It isn´t at the end a matter of an individual, subjectively-oriented taste? Stefan Cooke with his inspiring, modern mosaic and trompe l´oeil menswear collection and his opposing-part Gabriele Skucas with her minimal and traditional approach, were great, but not my favourite ones. There were other that I like too, like Li Gong´s tailoring or Robert Wallace´s pants, but I prefer the most Peter Movrin´s colour bomb-collection, a great mixture of contrasts, where classy gets hand by hand with bold, simplicity with complexity, elegance with eccentric, in a nice play with unconventional and rigid materials such as paper and foil, turned into something almost ethereal and fragile, like a flower-figure. True showpieces in a real sense of the world, perfectly balanced between too-much and too-less. If someone had a chance (if not, now you have) to follow the work of this talented designer, will quickly realize that his design, marked by traditional and modern approach, is never predictable, always different and inspiring, but always very Peter Movrin.

/ original images courtesy of london fashion week /

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