Models walked round of sinuous glass pavilions created by the artist Dan Graham, showcasing fluid, fresh and soft silhouettes with a touch of urban, mostly in a sharp black and white colour palette and with a sporadic adding of tomato red, soft orange, pink, mint and burgundy. Philo continuously corroborates the well-known fact of a Céline woman, as always being different, eclectic, and unique, a free and individual spirit, and a true anti-conformist. She likes for instance tuck her blazer into leather pants or wearing socks with sandals in two different colours. Even though is more like a runway styling, I wouldn´t be surprised to see a C-woman in real life that way, after all each piece breaths individuality. Don’t ‘you think? Just mind those silk wisps at the end of trousers, crocheted embroidered tops, knotted dresses and coats, the part of a leather skirt used like a corset, the same effect made by parts of jacket that were stitched into another skirt, abstract Yves Klein blue figures prints on white dresses, or those boxy, studded coats, not to mention ladylike bag, oversized shoppers and rigid gusset bags. A nice play of strong contrasts, like between reality and fantasy, soft and strong, classic and contemporary, with art as a primordial ingredient. 

/ original images and video courtesy of céline /

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