In this rave of "street-wear + androgyny" that really marked the fashion scene/industry in the last few season, Glenn Martens for Y/Project is probably with Demna and his squad, among the leaders of this fashion "movement". If Demna plays/collaborate with iconic street/sportswear labels, is Glenn doing in it on its own. He plays, most of the time in a quirky way, but resulting very interesting and unique by mixing, probably since before un-mixable and there´s nothing left out from this; from different volumes, cuts, cultures and fashion periods, materials too, everything in the name of genderless, after all he is a master in this territory. His human-being is romantic, poetic, but also sharp and tough. Actually I don´t really know, and this is what I like about this brand, the non-definable part of the brand, no boxing-thing, consequently giving an opportunity for a high-level of personalization to each individual, which nowadays, where you can see hordes of same-looking people, is a true value. 

/ original images and video courtesy of y/project, except the main original image by  Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied /

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