Anyone who knows and/or admire Howell´s aesthetic made of clean lines and quite colours will always go from the show and/or shop, after seeing the new collection, somehow serene. Brand´s collections are mainly build on signature pieces, this time remixed in a fresh retro vibe by the enter stylist Beat Bollinger. And this is not bad, quite the opposite, because after all who doesn´t want practical, easy, high-quality and timeless pieces in their wardrobe, that perfect amount of sporty-chic on daily basis. The extra plus here is that the brand each season offers also something new. This time was the allure of the Fifties schoolboy uniforms; our always bellowed high-waist pants with a front pleat and mostly cuffed worn with boxy, short-sleeve linen shirts or tank tops, or tailored shorts paired with all kind of knits, not to mention cotton raincoats and parkas for those chilly days.

/ original images and video courtesy of margaret howell, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd-evans /

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