We all have in mind the “less is more” while thinking about the aesthetic of Jil Sander, as a brand and not only. Rodolfo Paglialunga did, in terms of that, a masterly work this time. Not that the winter collection was less, but in the matter of Sander codes, this one is a true winner. He maintained that known essential, elegant and rigorous aesthetic of the brand, made, yes, by sharp silhouettes, but put aside the stiffness part and opted for a more comfortable ease. The collection, mostly composed by monochromatic assemblies, is a nice mixture of cool sportswear, boxy suiting and a touch of utilitarian, where you can among other find oversize A-line cut trenches, jackets embellished with multiple pockets and flood-cut trousers, not to mention the pieces with a charming twist, like outfits featuring an ombre effect, green and blue, or a charming blurred floral print seen on jackets, pants and suits. You need a cherry on a top? We got it! There are lovely rolled leather lunch-bag purses that were carried by hand. 

/ original images and video courtesy of jil sander, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd evans /

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