When the talk (and not only) is about beauty products, new and/or not so new ones, we always get excited by reading nice claims, but especially after hearing some great reviews (not sponsored ones, of course). You know that kind of things/stuff that will "change your life (khm, skin) forever", making our hands sweaty, while we are impatiently waiting for the time to purchase it and get that "magic" work on us. I pretty guess that we everyone have been there at least once. Most of the time (hell yeah, an honest 99%) we were disappointed and become insusceptible, if not immune to all "sweet" claiming words. But exceptions make the rules, aren´t they? There is still a 1% and it´s, unfortunately, our "job" to get to it among all the "pretenders". Huh, it sounds like a life-philosophy, something that we are doing during our whole life-journey. And it is. That´s why we want you to skip you one, at least once make you to avoid that process and share with you a good stuff, the one that really works!
My dears, here it is Vintner´s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. "The reviews all seemed too good to be true, but it works. It really works," says Meghan about it. "My skin has never looked this good. It’s so bright and clear. I don’t have to wear make-up anymore."

This precious 30ml bottle isn´t cheap at all, but makes a true magic, real one, so worth every cent.  

"I’ve always been scared of oils," says celebrity makeup artist, Alice Lane. "Thinking they would give me acne… But my skin has never felt as hydrated or calm as it did when I started using Vintner’s Daughter. It’s changed the entire quality of my skin. I’m 35, but feel like I have 27-year-old skin again."  Not enough to "convince you", well you have plenty more testimonials, but it´s only up to you, if you would like to try this product.

This serum that Into the Gloss called "the face oil to end all face oils" it´s a cocktail of 22 of the world´s most active  organic botanicals, which works to target every skin complaint you’d care to mention. From fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, decreased density, to pigmentation problems, this incredible elixir penetrates skin deeply where it sets to work repairing, regenerating and replenishing. You should see an improvement from first use – but when used regularly, the character of your complexion will completely change; say "hello" to the strong, supple, luminous skin you’ve been dreaming of. This is true game changer in a small bottle, meaning a maximum impact with a minimum effort. 

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