One of our favourite publications is out with its newest issue! If you never got/saw a copy of "The Happy Reader" or even didn´t heard about it, it´s really time to do so.  This magazine is a “love child” of Fantastic Man and Penguin books and really attracted vast and loyal following since it landed on newsstands or flew through letterbox in the winter 2014. Each issue of the quarterly has is built in a simple, but very original concept; the first half features an interview with a famous book lover, while the second half features stories inspired by "the book of the season" or in other words it is an depth look at one piece of classic literature. This magazine is not only for those who are passionate of literature, but also for those who are found of art, fashion, history, film and much more.

In their latest issue it´s about: "The actress Kristin Scott Thomas is hailed as a national treasure in not one but two countries, having reached the top of her profession in both Britain, her country of birth, and France, the country she has come to call home. She is also a voracious reader, et voila — the perfect impetus for two wide-ranging Happy Reader interviews in London and Paris.
Then, after our new best friend provides us a list of recommended reads, the issue travels west and then west some more, with Willa Cather’s O Pioneers!, a bittersweet novel that evokes the fearful glory of the American frontier. Horseback preachers, prairie chickens, and pickled gherkins all make brief appearances in our special Nebraska-tinged section, with contributions from notable Great Plains-based writers Amanda Fortini and Clancy Martin, the comic book artist Dash Shaw, and many others besides."

You can get your copy and/or subscribe here.

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