magazine vogue paris november 2016
photographer gregory harris
stylist géraldine saglio
model sasha pivovarova

It took really looong time when the first woman´s suit officially came out, especially if you got an example of year 666 when King Charles II of England copied French king Louis XIV in demanding that men in court wear waistcoats, trousers, and ties, influencing especially in England that this attire evolved into the modern suit for men. Before the year 1914 when Coco Chanel designed her first suit, a fur-trimmed jacket with a matching ankle-length skirt, there was an actress, Sandra Bernhardt, that already in the 1870´s scandalized Paris by wearing a custom-made trousers suit, which she called her "boy´s clothes". Who don´t remember Marlene Dietrich in 1930´s films "Morocco" and "Blonde Venus" in which she wore a tuxedo and a top hat, while performing on stage, not to mention Katharine Hepburn who wore this garment frequently also during her private life, making her style distinctive and original, especially for that time. Years after the relation between the suit and women with the environment, society become more symbiotic and fluid, with periods when the garment was feminized almost to the limit or times when women wore it in a men´s nonchalant way, but still adding some feminine touches, like in this editorial for example.

/ original images courtesy of vogue paris /

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