Off-White is known for its street-wear-cool, mixing sportswear, music, blink-blink and even some menswear references, mostly build, pardon sewed on lux-materials. Probably you´ve never been to concert, where you´ve been be able to buy a typical "Tour T-shirt" in a precious organza and believe me you will never be. This piece among denim jacket and striped-trench, both with floral embroideries, pleated lame skirts or the ruffled ones with raw hems and a sweatshirt with extra-long sleeves are some of the peak pieces from Virgil Abloh´s resort 2017 collection, but our eyes laid on Abloh´s signature flannel shirt, this time made in Lurex and on a cream trench coat in wax-coated organza with contrasting stitches.

/ original images courtesy of off-white /

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