Let´s put some questions here first, because the answer will be short and the result of it more effective. So, are you looking for best-possible reinterpretation of vintage pieces from different periods reworked and/or reinterpreted and modernized into singular and original looks?  Are you into fabrics like thick wool, velvet, silk, brocade (just to mention few), not to mention different patterns and many of them unite in every outfit? Are you into British heroes and antiheroes from David Bowie to Oscar Wilde to the gangster Kray twins, who dominated London’s East End and Soho in the ’60s? Are you a fan of unique and different accessories, like a rabbit bag or a feather broche to make your every look special and individual? Are you into menswear-inspired cuts and silhouettes, that boyish flamboyant allure and girlie touches? Do you swear on luxury fabrics, perfect execution and originality? If you confirmed something of mentioned or even most of them if not everything with a big yes, well, there´s no doubt that Hillier Bartley is your holy grail place. 

/ original images courtesy of hillier bartley /

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