In the second and final part, almost an hour-lenght behind the scnenes of British Vogue, Richard Macer discovers a world of deception at the heart of the fashion bible. 2016 is the centenary year of the British magazine and a whole host of star-studded events have been lined up to commemorate the year, including a huge exhibition of Vogue photography at the National Portrait Gallery, a festival of fashion, a bumper centenary issue and a gala dinner with guests including Kim Kardashian and Samantha Cameron.

British Vogue has lots of glamorous rising stars like fashion features director Sarah Harris and fashion news editor Julia Hobbs, but at the helm of British Vogue are two women who have been in charge for a quarter of a century. Alexandra Shulman, the editor-in-chief, and fashion director Lucinda Chambers have been making decisions which affect the wardrobe choices of British women for the last three decades. What will happen to the magazine when they eventually decide to leave? And will Vogue still be a publication in its current form in a few years time, with social media dramatically changing the way people consume fashion?

Halfway through filming this auspicious year, Macer gets a phone call from the Vogue press office that dramatically changes the whole direction of the film. As Richard speculates on whether British Vogue's centenary will be Alexandra's swansong, events start to unfold which demonstrate that far from being about to retire, Alexandra has just pulled off a spectacular journalistic coup right under Richard's nose.

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