VETEMENTS F/W 2016/2017

I am kind-a-inspired by this new wave of designers, who use in an intelligent way a street-wear fashion, some past-influences, even art and not only in stylistically terms mix everything together in their own, personalized way. Fashion is not only invention, but should be fun in first place, something to play with, a way to express your inner world or even, why not, to play a funny-role, lighten up this way, even it sounds silly, this (lately) grey, if not so dark and sad period. I admire Alessandro Michele´s more is more, baroquesque-dandy-grandma vibe at Gucci, as I do like also Vetements dark, rock-Goth, Margiela-ish, yeah you read it right. They could be, why not, in design-terms Margiela´s successors, grand (grand) children,  after all they both have a similar conceptual and visual appeal, not to mention their driving force, and yeah, authenticity too.
Presented in a Protestant church in the chicest district of Paris, the winter collection got that brand´s typical “this doesn´t get well together” mix of street-wear, genderless garments, uniform, gothic elements, conservative pieces and bondage in sometimes really exaggerated proportions, like over-padded or restricted shoulders and amplified volumes on tight cowboy or lurex boots.

/ original images and video courtesy of vetements, except the main original image courtesy of ethan assouline /

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