The word protection can be the one to emphasize perfectly this Craig Green´s collection, but if I look more accurate, this is actually his trademark since the beginning. Layered ensembles in earthy tones of military and bottle green, dusty-gray, charcoal, cognac and black, composed by loose pyjama-like trousers, boxy tops or more of a utilitarian version with some jackets clinched substantially at the waist, while others with extra stripes to tighten different arm-parts. The Green man gradually unbuckled, liberated itself showcased by puzzle-like leather pieces, that are laced together. Lliberatelly? Who knows? Or they are simply wounds from the victory fight? Maybe, because the finale was a pure galore of freely looseness, made available by washed and padded silk garments. He came into the Zen-place. 

/ original images courtesy of graig green, except the main original image courtesy of jason-lloyd evans /

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