Lately is a kind of an epiphany period for all new-born natural cosmetics brands. The last one established only three months ago comes from the Czech Republic as a dream-come-true project for Ondřej Elsner (editor of the Prague-based lifestyle magazine Dolce Vita) and his life and working partner Jan Sippl. The two created a cosmetic line with the name "Onest" that embodies a complex message of honestly-produced and quality content. Their first, launching product is a range of lip balms with formulas and ingredients that were found and produced entirely in the Czech Republic. Substances like cold-pressed castor seed oil that is renowned as one of the first oils with healing effect in the world and helps to get active substances from other ingredients. In this way the complexion does not become dry, at the same time is more resistant. Beside that each lip balm contains also grape seed butter rich in vitamins, polyphenols and beta carotene, or Biophytosebum® from olives renewing the function of skin barrier.

Pick your favourite one among "Propolis", "Pink Rose" and "Bronze Rose".

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