Paula Gerbase put back her men´s wear on an equal level in her brand as the women`s wear, on which she was more focused during few past seasons. She did that with a collection where the most highlights went to outwear, a logical and a standard thing for almost every brand during colder seasons, regardless gender. We can find shearlings on duffle-like coats, the other ones made from technical nylons or waterproof waffle-like weave cotton that play like a shield during cold and/or rainy weather. Under them is a monochromatic layering-play of nice smart-tailoring pieces, like blazers, boxy tops or a shirt on cropped soft-tailored pants or elongated suit ones in a calm, earthy and typical 1205 colour palette of navy blue, olive, some grey and a camel.

/ original images courtesy of 1205, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd-evans /

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