The almost rough masculinity and obsession/inspiration for/from different uniforms, not only from different type of work, but also from different countries and cultures, is the base that will determine the direction of Umit´s collection. This time his hunk, and by that erase from your mind the idea of a nowadays guys with a super-shaved body and super fitness-obsessed, but mind more those from like the 1940´s, when masculinity was defined by an attitude “shaped” through the years, environment influence and yes, also by the testosterone, without been preoccupied if it smells or not, well that kind of hunk was this time situated on Japanese streets. His uncompromised and though expression may suggest us that he can be a Japanese gangster, what´s for sure is that he is into sports, karate lover, who nonchalantly likes to go from the training session to the restaurant,  in the same outfit – karate and yukata suits. He don´t mind doing it either with kickboxing pants, protection socks and covered with oversized and unstructured coat. Benan´s collection was this time less rigorous in richness, actually really free, really street-inspired, as many members of the fashion´s new wave proposed, like Vetements. Models included.

/ original images courtesy of umit benan /

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