I wrote many times that the point of luxurious for me is a synonym of best-quality, in terms of material and execution. A real lux is not of showing it with exaggeration and blink-blink “special effects”, but it’s submerged with the person as serene-confidence, sophistication and regal-attitude. Shortly said a real lux is investing in long-lasting things, the best of the best, where the quality is not hand-in-hand with quantity and yes, the “less is more” always wins, at least for me. The Olsen twins work that way too and their brand is showing that season by season. The material is the core of every collection, the starting-point that defines the following. This time the duo was concentrated on finishes that are hard to make on delicate fabrics, like the python lacquered black, embroidered cashmere, but the result is a pure magic. The F/W 2016/2017 looks probably more essential than previous collections, made of charming minimalist pieces like slip dresses, leather coats, tight at the waist with the belt and roomy coats, as also half others more linear and precise ones, made by menswear factories in Italy, that made us to think if the twins are ruminating on a possible menswear line? That would be more than nice.

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