Hey, Alexa in collaboration with Vogue is back, but I guess many of you knew that. While in the first season of Future of Fashion Alexa was focused to investigate the state of fashion today by talking to journalists, everyone from current fashion students to the heads of major design houses, buyers and all the workers in between in the UK, she went in the second season on the other part of the fashion globe, in the American fashion business mecca, New York. The whole experience is this time divided in total four videos, featuring talks with Opening Ceremony’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon on their boundary-pushing retail, a savvy merchandising with Joseph Altuzarra and his CEO Karis Durmer, a sort of investigation of one of the most interesting career trajectories in the fashion world with Brian Phillips of Blackframe PR, and Greg Fong and Emily Segal of art collective turned trend forecasting agency, K-Hole. Not to mention two great examples of ground-breaking women, who saw a gap in the market and took advantage of it with their uncompromising vision - Brooke Wall, founder and CEO of The Wall Group, an agency that represents the behind-the-scenes players who perfect the looks of models and celebrities, and Susan Scafidi, the pioneering professor of one of the most over-subscribed courses at Fordham Law School, Fashion Law. In the fourth and final video Alexa with a help of Leandra Medine analyses one of the most disruptive trends in fashion over the last 10 years that is blogging. The "Man Repeller" founder explains how her blog went from school project to profitable business, and get her advice for anyone looking to succeed.

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