If you live in Tokyo, you´ve probably heard about this. If you are visiting or have a plan to visit Tokyo in the next three months, then you have to note this unique experience. From 16 March The National Art Center in Tokyo is displaying forty-five years of innovative fashion and design made by one and only Issey Miyake. The exhibition is an unprecedented insight into the fashion career of the designer, best known for his origami-like garments, technological development of textiles and a really unique approach to fashion.

This project is divided across three large rooms, in this way making easier to examine the whole very diverse and prolific career, from Miyake´s earliest work to his latest work and his explorations of greater creative possibilities in the future. The first room contains designer´s early designs from the 1970´s, presented in a long line on square podiums, with garments that demonstrate his idea of “a piece of cloth”, for which he aimed to transform fabric beyond recognition into wearable ones.
The second room is dedicated to his 1980´s work with a more human-focussed approach that paid an intense attention to the body form.
The third and the largest room includes a profusion of Miyake´s more recent sculptural, folded and pleated garments. Here you can find also the explanation of different construction and printing techniques used to create the clothing and all finished examples. Beside the career, the brand and all collaborations, the exhibition explores also the life of this fashion-titan. “

"The Works of Miyake Issey" runs at The National Art Center in Tokyo runs from 16 March to 13 June 2016.

/ original image and video courtesy of the national art center tokyo /

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