The DIY (do it yourself) trend was present all these years literally everywhere and it still is; from cooking, sewing, painting, decorating...making people think that everything is possible...which actually is and everyone can do/make everything, a sort of sky is the limit thing, but at the end nobody is talented in everything. We should ponder on ourselves, our potentials, our talents and passions and follow that direction, evolving and polish it. After all we know ourselves the best.

Serious-thoughts aside, now it´s time to play. The DIY thing should be primarily a funny moment. And when you combine pleasantly with useful, the time spend is perfect. I guess we all, at least once in our lives played a little chemist. Mixing powders with liquids, to achieve different effects, like the change of colour or structure. That was in the childhood. This "experimental-zeal" is awaken in me every time I cook something atypical, not knowing how it will end or when I make (very rarely) home-made facial-masks. Yes, those with ingredients, like avocado, honey, curcuma, yoghurt,etc.

I´ve never got any thought on making my own cream. I guess it´s not impossible, but always sounded a bit sci-fi thing to me. I was sceptical, to be frank, till today. Green Barbès with their DIY skincare kits is teasing, and a lot, my experimental-zeal. At one side my inner child wants to play and on the other side you can make your own super-natural beauty products with no unpleasant surprises.  You can make a cream or even your deodorant by using 100% organic ingredients, such as flowers, natural aromas and essential oils, mixing them to your choice with a help of adaptable recipes and tools provided in the box. The result? A double-success! You got a natural beauty product without additives, made entirely by yourself.

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