When you read about Peter Movrin, most of journalists like to “copy-paste” the Lady Gaga thing, Anna Wintour`s non-indifference and the last add on a long-list of this young and really talented designer, the costume collaboration for the “Hunger years-Mockingjay, part two” movie, instead of being focused and consequently to elevate his enormous talent. His force and the best recommendation are and I truly believe, would always be his designs; every time Movrin showcase his new work, you never know what you can expect and you will always be surprised, in a really positive way. A true inspiration. He reconfirmed that during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana. Although his S/S 2016 collection is “limited” to only six looks, they have enough power, charisma and story behind to overshadow even many of biggest fashion houses in the world. As with Helmut Newton, by whose work this collection was inspired, is Movrin´s woman also wrapped-uncovered with a primordial eroticism. Black-minimal nineties with loads of low-necklines, silkiness and with a masculine element in the centre, a smoking jacket, is a core of this assemblage. I got heart-eyes for the men´s-like bold-striped pyjama silk pants paired with a trench-robe and for two smoking jackets; one with deconstructed-silk stripes and the one with prolonged and in-between see-through sleeves. The saying that the imagination has no limits is more than plausible when interlaced with creativity and innovativeness. And a true talent as Peter Movrin proves that.

/ original images courtesy of jani ugrin /

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