Few days ago Céline released the images of resort 2016 collection. Finally, we can say, but at the end late with a reason. The major “fault” for that goes to Phoebe. She is simply the most imitated designer in fashion today, so if we close one eye on some literally-references that she also used in her past collections, is that more than plausible reason why they tend to delay an official* release. Only fashion buyers, influents and of course fashion editors were able to see and touch already the collection back in July. At the end nothing new, but after the fashion weeks chaos it always come as more than a pleasant cadeaux*.

Phoebe made our wish list even longer with this collection, by offering to us a more elaborated**deconstructed collection, a direction started with hers F/W 2015/2016; like tops with cut sleeves and connected with just a single bow to a body part and buttonholes lined the waistband or a fitted-rouched  leather top and dress. The continuously elongated silhouettes, mostly in colour blue, are at the same time impeccably tailored and shapeless, wide and/or almost tight-tailored.  Victorian-wide blouses, cinched jodhpur-like pants and tops, skirts and dresses with unfinished, hanging fabrics*** are just good examples proving that. Caged-leather tote bags, big buttons and, once again, Celine very unusual footwear, this time flat and extra-pointy, wrap up the whole arty-wearable package perfectly.

Thank you Phoebe for this new present, dream for us and for many of them, a great design to copy. Now on comes typical “Céline-days” of subtraction and days of “collecting”, to make a new “want that” purchase more realizable. Bad for our bank account, but really good for our wardrobe-jewels refreshment. At the end we help the economy with that and this is more than a good excuse, right?

/ original images courtesy of céline /

**who ever knew that a perfection had a possibility to be improved?

***to make that extra-layering effect

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