When the subject is jeans, we all have the same idea of them: most of the time they are blue*, paired with zip or buttons, belt loops and having five pockets**. That´s our basic notion about them. The difference comes with all wash-variations, colouring and the fit. The market has full of brands, variations, so tons of options for you to choose. Most of the time one of key factors is the price. On the market you have jeans for 20 Eur (approximately $25) and jeans for 200 (approximately $25)  or more. Yes, yes, plus all in-between ones. But why is such a difference in the price? You would probably think that they are only jeans.  So what really makes a difference between the cheapest and the most expensive one, not to mention all those in between? Fabric quality? Yeah. How they are treated? Yes. Where they are produced? A big yes. And there´s much more. Find it about out on this lovely graphic below. I almost forget it. Which one I buy or would buy? Before I didn´t put a lot of attention to the quality/fabric, which changed in last years, due the fact that everything I buy, I want that last. As with everything else. So I take time to research and discover great samples made from Japanese denim. Costly, would you say. Yes, they were, but that´s why the patience and a bit of luck pay of, because I almost every time buy them on discount.

*no matter which wash
**yes; you´ve probably forget about the small front one 

/ graphic image courtesy of refinery29 /

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