We claim to live in modern years. What modern means to you? High-tech? Ok. But that´s it, because everything else I find it really close minded, to not say ignorant! Sorry, maybe I sound rude, but first of all and beside all, I am frank.  

"Profit cannot be a justification for bigotry and racism." 
- Nick Knight -

Now I will explain you why the accuse, which is a pure fact.  I know that everything today, sadly, is led by money and profit, without taking care of moral issues and other things that come across and “obstruct” the whole process. Fashion business is not different. It´s primarily, yes, a business. Excusable? Even when you think that fashion is doing something to help certain community, minorities, at the deep end is a pure profit. Ok. Maybe I am too drastic and there are few* individuals** that are doing opposite and fight against that. So it´s not quite a novelty that in fashion beside everything is also and still a big racial aspect present. How many black models or Asian or by any other race, that is not white, you saw during last fashion weeks or campaigns or editorials? There are daily examples, like this one shared by a Sudanese model Nykhor Paul.

"What we want to say is, ‘We are not a trend!’ It shouldn't have to be that way. I don't want it to be a trend. I didn’t work 28 years for it to be a trend." – said Naomi Campbell to Nick Knight about this issue in the video below. So you still want to call this era "modern"?  Really? Do you thing that we really go forward, when these things are still happening on daily basis? Can we start to make a difference? Now!

really few
** companies and/or designers

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