I know that many of you cannot wait that summer finally arrives. The first taste of it, we have it these days and if I can say you frankly - I am not a big fan of it, so don´t be mad if on these (too hot!) days I am dreaming (and praying) that Autumn comes as soon as possible (actually why not tomorrow?). I found the best way to do it, by imaging how it would be nice to wear any piece from this really lovely Ports1961´s pre-fall collection. Any piece? Leaving the dresses-part out, I would easily say - all of them! Yes, Natasa did a wonderful job. She knows the best how to make simple pieces with a twist, looking always fresh and characterised them with the long-lasting-factor. This is her real debut collection for Ports 1961, before she made the masterfully one, that everyone is craving for.

/ original images courtesy of ports 1961 /

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