I was born in a country where in majority of cases people don´t have in their dna a supporting element; especially when it comes to support people that achieved something. It sounds sad, but it´s reality. For them everything changes, when this person´s success is confirmed and recognized outside the country, internationally. I don´t know why, but it´s like that they need a confirmation for something or someone that was worth yet before. I was, I am and will be always supportive and proud of all people, Slovene or not, that with own energy, dedication and talent succeed. Yes, dear Slovenians, made in Slovenija also worth’s! And a lot!

I am more than proud with you, dear Natasa Cagalj. Your first collection as the new Ports 1961 women`s wear creative director is my favorite from all F/W 2015/2016 collections that I saw. Tan believe me, is not because she is Slovenian, but simply, she made a clean, well-made ageless and timeless collection. As it was her plan. To deliver a perfect and complete wardrobe for today’s woman who work. Natasa was focused on specific daywear pieces, upgrading them with modern and elegant elements. If normally daily wear, especially work wear, has a misconception for being boring and stiff, will this collection change your idea. Even if we are talking about a really clean collection, almost every piece has something magic. A twist. We can take as an example Ports 1961 trademark piece; a white cotton crisp shirt. It is not a regular, plain one. It features a panel that permit you to wrap it around your chest or it can be closed on the front with a button. Depends what you need or how you feel. There´s an option.  Overall the collection is composed of prolonged shapes. Many sleeves are open at the end to give more sophistication. Men´s material and tailoring in contrast with feminine elements like lace and transparency. Knotty leather sneakers, super soft slippers and pompons on coats brings the collection into an even more playful and comfortable zone. Is there anything to wish for? I wish every single piece (maybe I can skip the lace for myself)…and I am not joking!

/ original images courtesy of ports 1961 /

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