Normally it´s very impolite to reveal woman´s age, but this is a remarkable occasion, because we are talking about the lady, who had and still has an outsize presence on the New York Fashion scenes for decades. The woman in talk is Iris Apfel and she is 93. When she was a young woman from Queens (New York), starting out in the fashion industry, Frieda Loehmann, the founder of the famous department store, took her aside and said to her: “You're not pretty and you'll never be pretty, but it doesn't matter. You have something much better. You have style. ”
This “rare bird of fashion”, as she is so-called and known, first came in eminence in the 50´s last century, when she with her husband Carl, turned 100 during filming this documentary, founded Old World Weavers, an interior-design firm that redecorated the White House under presidents Truman to Clinton.
The documentary, directed by a famous documentaria Albert Maysles (lately passed away), show this and the her whole life-story and of course you are also able to see her knee-weakening couture costume jewelry collection and much, much more. Beyond colours, extravaganza and fashion, it´s a true life-lesson experience. 

/ the original main image courtesy of bruce weber /

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