If few days ago i´ve talked about Joseph´scoccon tribe, is now the time for the tribe, that approaches every season as the one. Consuelo Castiglioni showcased for the upcomming winter true tough warriors, armoured with garments made by plain cuts, unfinished edges and with raw attitutde. A collection defined by long vests and wrap tunics, paired with fluid trousers or paneled skirts in materials like tweeds, gebardine, wools, cotton and touch of velvet. The accent of bold red, ochre and floral-patterns, made a perfect balance with the neutral ones, black, blue, white and camel. There weren´t be any true Marni tribe, neither the collection, without two strong elements, present in every Marni collection. Taking aside the playing with patterns , the first element is fur, here used in details, like sleeves, big pockets and on some bags. Talking about bags, is the accessories-side a very strong part in every Marni collection. It´s actually also the part, that determine the whole attitude of each collection. Big tribal earrings, open-toe and squared boots, utility-like bags  embracing the body, boxy bags and waists defined by maxi-belts, make everything more luxurious and powerfull.

/ original images courtesy of marni, except the main original image courtesy of kevin tachman /

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