This was really a surprising show. A more conceptual Joseph or we can say wild, rough and primordial as the pieces of the collection. A sort of a tribe or warriors against the cold. Almost appocalyptic. Inspired by the sculptures of the American artist Robert Morris, brand´s creative director Louise Trotter, has reinterpreted the sculpture´s cascading stripes of industrial felt into shapes, crafted to balance the geometric side with the fluid one. The result were a cocooing collection, made mostly of roughly-textured abd untreated knits in cashmere, shearling, lamb´s wool and felt. Especially in love with the versatile side of the knitwear, used in almost every piece. Overall sleek, clean and very 90´s minimal - characteristic for the brand And cannot forget to mention the cozy-side of them. Don´t you agree, that those blanket-like coats with dramatic drapes and the satin trimm will make the winter “easier” as never befor?

/ original images courtesy of joseph, except the main original image courtesy of asia werbel /

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