Before the famous double G house showcased the last menswear collection, happened a lot of things in just one week. First was an early exit by the outgoing designer Frida Giannini and then the design team, headed by Alessandro Michele - before Giannini´s former assistant and in charge of brand´s accessories and now the new creative director of the fashion house – reworked the whole collection in less than one week. Together made a collection that at the end had not a lot in common with the aesthetic of the woman that helmed the brand for near ten years. Frida´s seventies flair mixed with dandy-ish elements was replaced with something quirkier and younger with a free spirit and ambiguous sexuality. It´s an almost eclectic wardrobe of a man who dares to show his romantic and feminine side. The shirts are flowing and soft closed with a bow, cropped pullovers revealing distressed lace T-shirts, pyjama pants, slim-fit suits with 3-d geometric, patterns bright colour coats with military details and maxi floral prints on sleeveless shirts. The accessories were daring too; fury sandals, wool pompom hats, berets, leather and fury slippers, astrakhan-lined loafers, suede messenger bags and bronze-metal rings.  Mixing male and female elements and present them on male and female models, Michele blurred all gender lines with this collection. Youthful. Fresh. A new wave for Gucci. More than needed. At the end all things happen with a reason.

/ all original images courtesy of gucci /

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