How looks Rodolfo Paglialunga´s debut menswear collection for Jil Sander? Actually is his first ever menswear collection. Clean, elegant and with precise lines, focused mostly on outwear and fresh, youthful tailoring. The most noticed were the coat; double-breasted with a cocoon volume, some “slimmed” at the waist line with the help of the belt. The tailoring side, a fluid mx of sportswear meeting the formal one, is represented by shirts cut to look like blousons, maxi jackets paired with voluminous trousers, leather and cashmere raincoats.  The 32-pieces collection ended with work-wear-inspired pocket front jackets, “clasped” nearly in the middle to accent the waist line. Beside the greyish, black and blue, the colour palette was enriched by some pop of colours, found on crewnecks jumpers, turtlenecks and on those bright-orange rubber booties. Not bad for the first time.

/ original images and video courtesy of jil sander, except the original main image courtesy of jason lloyd evans /

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