When people thinks that they (finally) read his design, his aesthetic and potentially could predict the next step (next collection), he surprise us, every time and confirms that we are all wrong, again. It comes naturally to praise you, dear Jonathan William. First of all, thank you to eliminate the over-exposed and present almost everywhere 70´s (and 60´s) vibe. Thank you for that! So, thank you for your always-present individualism and trademark, even when, like in this case (and in the pre-fall 2015), you like to bring the past in your unique way into the present-future. I am simply a fan of the 80´s shapes and materials that I have no doubts that even Claude Montana feels the same way.  Heart-shaped eyes came out, when I saw your oversized buttery-soft leather coats with an asymmetrical closure or funnel neck peplum blouses in lame or velvet.  Those tulip shaped wrap skirts and bubble shaped coats were simply “awww”-expressed too, as your ability combining “awkward” pieces and colors, making them not only interesting and nice, but inspiring to make us not only thing, but starting to dare. Would I? I would!

/ original images courtesy of j.w. anderson, except original main images courtesy of lea colombo /

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